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Medical Students

Neurology Clerkship
Welcome to the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (UMMSM) Neurology Clerkship website! The Neurology Clerkship at UMMSM has historically consisted of a 4-week inpatient/consult experience for students in the third or fourth year of medical school. We are excited about the educational opportunities the experience offers 12 rotations per year.

Clerkship length: 4 weeks
Clerkship enrollment: ~16 students

Clinical Sites
Jackson Memorial Hospital
Neurology ward/consult service
Stroke service
Neuro ICU
Pediatric Neurology (outpatient)
Miami Veteran’s Administration Hospital Neurology Service
University of Miami Hospital Neurology Consult Service

Students are assigned to one of the 5 clinical sites listed above for the first 2 weeks and switch to a different service the following 2 weeks. They participate in outpatient clinics at those sites as well. Under staff supervision, students are responsible for the evaluation and examination of patients as well as the diagnostic synthesis. General Neurology educational experiences during the evaluation and treatment of hospital and clinic patients will be enhanced through small group and case discussions, web modules, and a Neurology Final Examination and Final OSCE exam.

Neurology Electives
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Medical Students, who have completed the Neurology Clerkship, desiring to gain extra experience in neurology, are eligible for electives in Neurology. Clinical Electives lasting 2-4 weeks can be coordinated in: Stroke, Inpatient/Consult Neurology, Neuro ICU, Outpatient Clinics, Brain Injury Neuro Rehabilitation and Pediatric Neurology

Neurology Externship
Thank you for your interest in rotating at our school. Our school uses the scheduling program called Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Medical students in their 4th year enrolled at a U.S. LCME accredited medical school are eligible to apply. To apply please refer to their website

Neurology Observerships
International students cannot use VSAS. Students interested will need to apply through the International Medicine Institute at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. For more information visit:

Faculty and Stafff
Yolanda Reyes-Iglesias, M.D.
Clerkship Director
Office: Clinical Research Building 1334

Ramses Ribot, M.D.
Associate Clerkship Director
Office: Clinical Research Building 1325

Damianie Montero
Clerkship Coordinator
Office: Clinical Research Building 1383B
Phone: (305) 243-4633
Fax: (305) 243-8108