Clinical Divisions : Multiple Sclerosis Division

Multiple Sclerosis Division

The Multiple Sclerosis Center of Excellence is a National MS Society of South Florida affiliated program which offers services in a state-of-the-art clinic. Patients are seen by one of six MS neurologists by appointment. An infusion lab where patients receive intravenous drug therapy and neurological imaging that uses MRI to track the disease are available. Education in medication management, physical therapy and occupational therapy can be planned. An immunology and research laboratory that performs multiple sclerosis blood tests is involved in developing new tests to detect multiple sclerosis activity and possible gene identifiers. Patient programs are held every month.


Provide excellence in care to patients with multiple sclerosis by establishing a dedicated MS Center of Excellence at the University of Miami. Become nationally and internationally recognized as a center for expertise in patient care and research in this disorder.


This Center is patient-centric/disease-centric. Accordingly, the Center provides:

  • State-of-the-art services towards diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis.
  • A source of information for patients and families through educational seminars and web-based services.
  • Serves as a resource for physicians in the care of their MS patients.
  • A focal point around which clinical, basic and translational research can be established for multiple sclerosis.


  • We provide multi-disciplinary care for our patients through physicians, nurses, occupational, physical and speech therapies and social workers.
  • This Center provides opportunities for patients to participate in both clinical and basic research,to be a major force that furthers advancements in the treatment of MS.
  • We empower our patients and their families to learn and take charge of their treatment .
  • We empower our patients and their families to avail of all resources available for the management of MS.
  • We empower our patients to integrate themselves into the work environment and remain productive members of the community.
  • The Center will do what is necessary to establish quality of life to MS patients and their families.